Quake in 2022 Video – Call for submissions

dumptruck_ds writes:

I’m planning on a 2022 “preview” for my YouTube channel and would love to see what everyone is working on! Mods, maps, mini-episodes, textures, sounds, music, artwork or anything Quake-related that will be coming out in the new year would be appreciated.

@me or message me here on Discord with a screenshot, link to a video or other media I can use in a video and most importantly a short explanation of what you are working on.

You have until December 7th to submit your creations to him either via the Quake Mapping Discord or by mail to langoQlanQparty@gmailQcom (replace the Quakey Qs with dots).


Hi and welcome back! The site had gotten under due to spamming and hacking but after a change of habitat, a warm shower with lots of scrubbing we are back, both this news page, the hosted pages and the forums.

The domain and server are now hosted by me, Spirit, please raise your hands if you would like to take over responsibilities. The greatest contribution would be becoming a news editor and make sure our frontpage is active again.

All passwords have been reset so you have to set a new one before you can log in. All forum users without any posts were removed to get rid of tens of thousands of spammers. Sorry if that included you by accident, just register anew.

Some other changes you might or might not notice include: HTTPS, a fixed Quake Info Pool, a fixed What Quake Monster Are You?, removed spam from news items, daily backups.

The forum is using a stock style at the moment as the old one was not compatible with the latest forum software. If you know your way around phpBB3 please please volunteer to fix it, so it becomes a happy modding place again instead of this bright eye-sore.

Greatest thanks to FrikaC for going through quite some trouble for making this revival possible and to scar3crow for the usual community spirit!

Year’s End Tools Update

Right at the end of the year, ericw sneaked out v0.16 of his branch of tyrutils with bug fixes for Mark V .lit files and BSP29 format detection to avoid producing corrupt BSPs. If you are unfamiliar with ericw’s tool work, it allows for behaviors such as phong shading, baked ambient occlusion, and light bouncing in your Quake maps.

Speaking of Quake maps, sleepwalkr has pushed out the fifth release candidate for TrenchBroom 2, with contributions from ericw as well. It features a host of fixes, tweaks, and quality of life improvements so if it is your preferred method for laying down brushes, make sure to pick it up!

PixaTool now supports the Quake palette

PixaTool is a pixel art oriented tool useful for any “retro” styled projects, and at the request of FifthElephant, it now has support for the Quake palette if you wanted assistance bringing any assets into a more faithful state for your project.
Check out the source tweet below:

Phong, Bounce Lighting, and More!

ericw has released a new version of his take on Tyrann’s build utilities, tyrutils, with the cleverly named tyrutils-ericw. tyrutils-ericw adds bounce lighting, dirtmaps (i.e., baked ambient occlusion), phong shading, surface lights, sunlights, sunlight penumbras, fake area lights with deviance, and a ton of switches for these. The results are simply beautiful, so check it out, and consider adding it to your pipeline!

Forum Update

A quick update as to the forums, there is still discussion as to the solutions for various situations (wow that sounds vague), but Tomaz has been working diligently on fixing the emoticons, and as you may have noticed, they now have Quake helmets!

The Independent Game Development sub-forum has been expanded in scope and renamed to Quake Mod Showcase, a dedicated home for threads about current mods, and discussion of past mods. When starting a thread for your mod, please reserve the top post to include a summary, screenshots, and relevant links. If you want a thread about a mod other than your own, please request it in the sticky post.