Ironwail, a high-performance QuakeSpasm fork

Ironwail is a

A fork of the popular GLQuake descendant QuakeSpasm with a focus on high performance instead of broad compatibility, capable of handling even the most demanding maps at very high framerates by utilizing more modern techniques such as:

  • compute-based vis/frustum/backface culling
  • compute-based lightmap updates
  • better batching through multi-draw indirect rendering, instancing, and bindless textures
  • clustered dynamic lighting
  • persistent buffer mapping with manual synchronization

To avoid physics issue with high framerates the renderer is decoupled from the server (using code from QSS, via vkQuake). There are also a few other nice-to-have features such as the classic underwater warp effect, slightly higher color/depth buffer precision, reduced heap usage (can play shib1_drake out of the box), slightly faster savefile loading for large maps in complex mods, capped framerate when no map is loaded, and a built-in hackwork-around for the z-fighting issues present in the original levels.

QuakeSpasm 0.90.1 Released

szo sends word of a new release of QuakeSpasm with a myriad of bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Use multithreaded OpenGL on OS X for better performance.
  • New, faster mdl renderer using GLSL. Disable with “-noglslalias”.
  • Use high-quality water by default (r_oldwater 0).
  • Support pausing demo playback with the “pause” command.
  • Experimental windowed fullscreen mode available with
    vid_desktopfullscreen 1 (only in SDL2 builds, takes effect upon
    entering fullscreen mode the next time.)

Go check out the rest of the change list!