Ghoul's diary



I'v added a new animation. A short and simple intro. Here is preview



One more gun. Futuristic Sniper Rifle. 218 polygons and one 256x256 map. VRML



Here my first and simple weapon. 250 polygons and one 256x256 texture. Here is a VRML model



Started to work more with animations. Here is an example of some experiments with Liquids.


I'm back again. Wasn't updating for a while due to my new job. Anyway I'm still trying to keep my Diary alive.
Here are two shots of an animation. It is still drafty animation that would be adjusted for commercial video reel.



Made Space station today.
Just 272 polygons and 256x256 map. Even with that little map the model could be viewed close without blurring. That's my new mapping technique :]



Here is a space theme image. A simple background.


104 and 108 polygons. And both are 256x256 mapped.



These 3 fighters are low models 142, 152, 142 polygons from top to bottom and every is mapped with one 256x256 texture.



Yes.. yes.. Im still alive. I wasn't updating for about a week :[
Working much. Got several jobs to finally give my P166MMX a new breath. So it takes quiete a lot of time to earn some bucks.
Ok.. but there are some G00D news. I found a new technique for mapping the models, SO there would be more models with various textures.
BTW there is a new Heavy Armored Hover Tank mapped in such a way. Just 239 polygons and one 256x256 map.


Looks like I wasn't updating for a while. Few last days were not so producive. Had lots of work.
Anyway I'm working and trying to make more than able to. Finished the Hover Tank today.
The model of 196 polygons and one 256x256 map


Iv added VRML models to 3D models for 3 recently made buildings. So they are quite viewable now :]
Cosmoplayer 2.1.1 viewer supports 3D acceleration so the models are easy viewed and rotated.



Heh.. Working again and again... This new building took me 2 nights. Iv not finished texturing it yesterday and was working on new textures for a while. So this Landing Dock consists of 371 polygons and mapped with 6 textures 128x128 size.
I also added large images for the wire-look.



One more building. This one 148 polygons and 4 textures of 128x128 size. I guess it would be called barrack.



Here is a model today. Just 232 polygons and 3 textures of 128x128 size. Quite simple one :] I guess it is called Gravingdock.



Still alive and still working. Iv made a ring just simple silver ring. Ha ha.. I thought there would be something like a trident or a dagger today :]



Ha ha.. Something strange happens with me. I'm modeling weapons only for the last while :] Here is a little axe Iv just done. No it's not an image it is 3d model. The texture was drawn in Photoshop.



Made a simple sword. And was working on a site for a while. I have a favicon now, so try to add this page to favorites and have a look at it. Sure you can delete it then :]



Here is the old plane Iv made several days ago and just put it. This one consists of 150 polygons and 256x256 texture.
I'm preparing texture section now.



Iv made some textures today. Here are shots with 'em mapped. It was quite interesting working on textures. Iv finally found a good technique to make 'em tiling good.




I'm fully rebuilding the site. Making it better to look at new 3dpalette place.
Still have more and more problems. That's just due to my stupid country. I feel really depressed. :[



Just made a low-poly model of a plane. 200 polygons and 256x256 texture. Texturing took quite a long as always.
I have some problems so can't update the page everyday with a new art. Anyway I'm trying to make as much as possible.



Here they come. The Shots of the game Wrath I'm making some models for. Here are more shots. They are quite huge :] 800x600.
Ok.. thats all for now.



I was working on my ISP's site all the night so havn't done anything new. The Wrath's Alfa is almost done as I was informed. So shots coming soon.


Iv made a simple space station model. Simple but not interesting. The station of that kind requires lots of textures. Maybe i'd texture it later or even build a new one and better.
Also added some VRML models to 3D models (they can be viewed with Cosmo player 2.1.1) Iv put the new one vrml of that old bike-model.



An alien scout-fighter. Took less than 2 hours. Would also be rendered to sprite for the game Wrath.


What an awful day. I was disconnected by ISP because the time ran out from my unlimited account as they explained :] Anyway I reserved another whole to my hive and updating from per/hour account :] only one Good news for today! Iv finally bought The Might & Magic VIII.


I'm here as always. With a new art to show. Just another Battle-cruiser for the game. I was modeling it more than 3 hours but it was worth of that. I had lots of pleasure making it.


Another hardworking day. Iv rebuild the old space dock scene a little. And modeled two new spacecrafts and put in 3D art Both ships took about 3 hours. I'm preparing the sprites - section.
Fill quite exhausted so I'd better have a little walk on-line looking for new ideas :]
Uploaded all the animation so all of them are available now.


Another one model made for the Wrath. Iv build it two days ago but was lazy to render and put it here. It's space truck that would have lots of trailers to plug. (it moves like a snake in the game)


Iv added a new space-dock image in 3D Art. It is used as a background in Wrath game. Took about 2 hours.


Found a useful link.You can have a look at the list of all gamedevelopers from all over the world. Don't forget to visit 3D palette. Lots of useful game-art news and links every day.


A new model-spasecraft added. It is in 3D Art for now. I'd make a new section for the complex models as soon as I have a big number of them. It would be quite a lot of because I'm modeling many spacecrafts for the Wrath to be rendered and used as sprites. Hm.. Good-idea.. why not to make even sprites section.


Interesting news. I'm making some arts for the game WRATH.
An original on-line project. Multiplayer 2d space shooter.
The trading and scavenging resources ability makes it playable. If you are interested in details you can visit the wrath's forum


Making some mirrors due to most hosts instability.


The whole site was finally rebuild. Iv decided to make it more simple to navigate. And optimized as much as possible.
Now I can put all the artwork easily and concentrate mostly on artwork creation but not designing it into the page. Now the site is both N.N. and I.E. friendly.
You can visit Old version anyway.