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Is the Quake1 community slowly dying away? - by [CocoT] [August 24, 2000]

CocoT asks the question that few would dare to ask.

BSP Tree - by [Lord Havoc] [July 5, 2000]

Lord Havoc explains what the BSP Tree is, the mystery behind it, how it works. To begin, lets follow the process of BSP tree building...

Deus Ex Demo Cheats - by [Sim] [June 22, 2000]

Okay, so you've downloaded the Deus Ex demo. You played it a couple times through, with different skills and different outcomes. And now you're bored? Well here are some exciting cheats to keep you entertained! Now you can max out all those skills, get all the weapons, and become a god!

The Hour of the Wolf - by [Kryten] [September 28, 1999]

Seven days since Babylon 5: Into the Fire was cancelled. I was thinking back to an episode on Babylon 5 called "The Hour of the Wolf" when I wrote this article on the cancellation of Babylon 5. I have included shots of the Warlock in the article, shots posted by one of the developers after the game was cancelled

Story Behind the Frames - by [legion] [March 10, 1999]

legion writes about if pure framerate is truely the key to smooth gameplay.

Voodoo 2/3 vs. TNT/2 - by [legion] [March 22, 1999]

legion presents a theory as to how some benchmarks are being scewed by some sites to favor one card over another.

Kingpin Benchmarks - by [legion] [April 12, 1999]

A follow-up to the Voodoo vs. TNT article, legion continues his theory on benchmark misrepresentation.

Kingpin Benchmarks Technical Follow-up - by [legion] [April 12, 1999]

legion posts benchmarks generated in Kingpin to futher illustrate some of the issues brought up in his previous article.