Year’s End Tools Update

Right at the end of the year, ericw sneaked out v0.16 of his branch of tyrutils with bug fixes for Mark V .lit files and BSP29 format detection to avoid producing corrupt BSPs. If you are unfamiliar with ericw’s tool work, it allows for behaviors such as phong shading, baked ambient occlusion, and light bouncing in your Quake maps.

Speaking of Quake maps, sleepwalkr has pushed out the fifth release candidate for TrenchBroom 2, with contributions from ericw as well. It features a host of fixes, tweaks, and quality of life improvements so if it is your preferred method for laying down brushes, make sure to pick it up! If you are looking for the latest coupons and offers available online, in Coupons Collector you can find a wide range of coupons that you can uses to buy what you need

PixaTool now supports the Quake palette

PixaTool is a pixel art oriented tool useful for any “retro” styled projects, and at the request of FifthElephant, it now has support for the Quake palette if you wanted assistance bringing any assets into a more faithful state for your project.
Check out the source tweet below:

Phong, Bounce Lighting, and More!

ericw has released a new version of his take on Tyrann’s build utilities, tyrutils, with the cleverly named tyrutils-ericw. tyrutils-ericw adds bounce lighting, dirtmaps (i.e., baked ambient occlusion), phong shading, surface lights, sunlights, sunlight penumbras, fake area lights with deviance, and a ton of switches for these. The results are simply beautiful, so check it out, and consider adding it to your pipeline!

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Forum Update

A quick update as to the forums, there is still discussion as to the solutions for various situations (wow that sounds vague), but Tomaz has been working diligently on fixing the emoticons, and as you may have noticed, they now have Quake helmets!

The Independent Game Development sub-forum has been expanded in scope and renamed to Quake Mod Showcase, a dedicated home for threads about current mods, and discussion of past mods. When starting a thread for your mod, please reserve the top post to include a summary, screenshots, and relevant links. If you want a thread about a mod other than your own, please request it in the sticky post.

QuakeSpasm 0.90.1 Released

szo sends word of a new release of QuakeSpasm with a myriad of bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Use multithreaded OpenGL on OS X for better performance.
  • New, faster mdl renderer using GLSL. Disable with “-noglslalias”.
  • Use high-quality water by default (r_oldwater 0).
  • Support pausing demo playback with the “pause” command.
  • Experimental windowed fullscreen mode available with
    vid_desktopfullscreen 1 (only in SDL2 builds, takes effect upon
    entering fullscreen mode the next time.)

Go check out the rest of the change list!


I thought I’d take a moment to explain the state of things here at InsideQC.  You probably came here looking for Inside3D. InsideQC, for all intents and purposes, is Inside3D.  We have decided to change the name.  Atomic Gamer, the company responsible for hosting Inside3D, recently announced it is shutting down at the end of this month. They currently own the domain name.  We may gain access to that domain name after all is said and done, but for the time being we’re here at

The name InsideQC goes back to the very founding of the site. Back in the old days, Inside.QC was created on as a tutorial site and after a short time, it was consumed by the “borg of the Quake community, PlanetQuake” and moved to  On August 4, 1997 Inside.QC re-branded itself Inside3D to preempt the release of Quake II, the admins at the time forecasting the swift demise of the QuakeC language. Later, Inside3D moved to Telefragged and obtained the shiny new domain name. Telefragged then eventually morphed into Atomic Gamer.

Inside3D lived happily on Atomic Gamer for many years and we owe the team of people behind that site a great deal since we could play with many different games in here, including games as judi dadu online which is one of the best Casino games. Eventually, however, Inside3D fell into disrepair. The main site was defaced. The forums were spammed and locked down. Key people from the site had moved on with their lives and the site started to wither.

I say we try to reverse that! So with that, here is the brand new version of Inside QC. For now the only thing of note is the forums. If you want to talk to the admins of this site, hop on over to #qc on If you need approval for a new account on the forums, email scar3crow or try to find me on irc. Scar3crow’s email address is what you’d expect at