Haven't you always wondered "If I was a monster from id software's classic first person shooter, Quake, who would I be?". Of course you have! I'm pretty sure we have all thought that at one time or another.

Well now, thanks to the miracles of modern technology we're able to determine just what monster you'd be in Quake if some horrible accident somehow transported you there. All you need to do to find out is fill out this simple 11 question test and the results will automatically be generated. Oh, and if some clod with a nailgun fills you full of holes, don't say we didn't warn you.

  1. Picking your nose is:

  2. Utterly disgusting
    An art

  3. Do you often feel clumsy or uncoordinated?

  4. Yes

  5. Are you wise beyond your years? (Even if your years number a couple of thousands?)

  6. Yes

  7. The meat department of the grocery store:

  8. Makes me weep
    Looks like someone had fun

  9. Body hair:

  10. Eek! Gross!
    Keeps me warm and cozy
    Doesn't matter

  11. When you meet new friends, do you like to become close right away, or keep your distance?

  12. Keep your distance
    Get up close and personal quickly
    Let them make all the moves

  13. Explosives are:

  14. Too messy
    Really cool
    Over rated

  15. Are you a master of arcane knowledge (like how to program VCRs)?

  16. Absolutely
    Not really

  17. Sushi is:

  18. Good, yum!
    Sick! You animals!
    I dunno, but those chefs sure cut fast

  19. Is the answer to this question "Yes"?

  20. Yes

  21. Are you sure about that?

  22. Yes

Images by id software and Akuma. Code and test questions, and mosrt written stuff by FrikaC