Bigmap was a quick minimod project that never really got finished, intended to be a type of cross country road rally akin to Cannonball run, it's only use now is to show people how to make levels out of inidividual bsp models. Use impulse 47 to switch into "first person mode", the original manner to play. The overhead system was introduced later as I realized something like this would be great for a GTA clone...

A Random DJQuake generator (made in Flash). Sometimes it's funny. Most often it's not. Take a look. For truly funny stuff check out the real DJQuake site.

FrikBot is a unique bot for Quake. Maybe you're familiar with Reaper Bots, or the fabulous Frogbot and Omicron bots. These are wonderful opponents to deathmatch against, but for mod authors (the people that make those nice mods you and I play, such as Capture the Flag, etc) they're not so great. Why? I hear you ask - well the bot code heavily intrudes into the rest of the QuakeC (the language you use to make mods for Quake). Because of this, you either need to build the mod onto the bot's source base, or spend a few good months finding each part that links into the mod and carefully replicate it on the new mod. In addition Reaper is not legal to modify and Omicron's source is heavily obfuscated. FrikBot was introduced about 2 years ago as an alternative. It's the first Quake bot (aside from TutorBot) to be heavily geared toward mod authors and customization. With the advent of this version, it's also a hoot to play too.

This release (nicknamed FrikBotX or simply FBX) represents several months of slow off and on work and is the 10th (or 12th - I'm not sure) and final release of the bot. FrikBot X, much like the infamous Frogbot relies heavily on hand-built waypoints for excellence in combat. It can however run without them, and it will attempt to create it's own waypoints as it plays. This is not recommended however.

Fimg is a Windows 32 bit (Should be compatible with Windows 95 onward) image editor designed for editing game sprites and images. It currently works with Quake SPR Sprite, WAD2 and Lmp along with a smattering standard image formats. The base image format support is provided by DevIL.

I developed Fimg for editing the new (and as of yet unfinalized) Qake sprite format that will appear in the next version of Qake. However, my secondary goal was to make a tool to basically replace AdQuedit's functionality, as AdQuedit has several issues (such as being known for deleting people's mods and not working with sprites containing framegroups).

I also have the secondary goal of making it a general image viewer, encompassing all the features of my favorite viewer WebImage, but that goal is still a long way off. The current state of the program completely mimics all relevant AdQuedit functionality. The features I considered irrelevant are of course PAK file extracting, model scaling / skin editing (which I may one day add, but I suspect people would just rather use qME for this task) Although Fimg has features that support Mip textures in wad2, Fimg is really best suited for editing gfx.wad only, much the same as Adquedit). Fimg correctly zero-fills wad entry names, unlike Adquedit, so wads edited in it will not be messed up with GLQuake (See QIP).

It's also useful, if you're using a primitive image editor that does not support editing of alpha channels in 32 bit targas (such as those used in DarkPlaces and other engine mods), for editing the alpha channel of such images. When doing this, I recommend using the Copy and Paste Alpha Channel commands from the Edit menu to import and export directly from your image editor.

FrikQCC started just before the Quake engine source release last year. Based off of Johathan Roy's FastQCC, I tried to bring new features to the code to make Quake more appealing a language to high nosed programmers that said it wasn't a 'proper language'.

Early in 2000, JP Grossman released qccx, which proved to be a major turning point in frikqcc. Though most of his engine data hacking features leave me a bit dry, the optimizations really got my mind working in overdrive. The result is the below.
winfrik26.zip[Updated! Version 2.6!] This is a customized version of qccx. It supports: goto, labels, static variables, new optimizations, compiler warnings, and many other features.
friklinux.zipLinux binaries
frik26src.zipSource code


Another mini-mod I wrote. A game of 'defender' with a little bit of a movie twist. I really don't like this one, but some people seem to enjoy it. It got a good review on Akuma's Evile Empire, so go figure. readme

Maps for Quake.


This was my second mod I ever released - made way back when Quake 2 was just starting to kill off the Quake community, it was an attempt to bring something similar to Double Dragon to Quake.

You play as Murphy, a cop suspended from duty figthing back for the loss of your wife to a mobster that wants you out of the way. The game was supposed to have many areas all linked to one another, as you explored you'd find the clues and tools to take down the mobster.

There's two maps included. The start map and citytest. Both are done with the only urban textures I could find at the time (from Blahbalicious) and as such are pretty cartoony. The map design is of course, since I made the maps, really crappy.

I don't think it's mentioned in the readme, but pressing 8 (impulse 8) allows you to toss $1 out, enabling you to use the soda machines. You were also going to be able to bribe people, use phones, etc in this way.

Prydon Gate
Prydon Gate is a hack and slash action adventure role playing game similar in game play to some giants in the history of games such as Diablo. Prydon Gate's game play may seem strikingly similar to that game, but it is not our intention to make a Diablo or any other game port. Prydon Gate as you will see, has quite a few unique twists that should keep the game interesting and repayable numerous times.

For more information and downloads visit Prydon Gate's own, seperate site.


Qake is a 2D side-scrolling game inspired by the work of David "Deej" James found in his comic DJQuake.


A mini-mod I wrote. You fly a small space ship through an asteroid field.

readme...source code


A snowboarding mod, presented as a Christmas present in 2000. Made by Akuma and me in about 3 days.

readme...source code

stcb3cl.zip stcb3sv.zip

This was the first large mod I worked on. Storm The Castle. It's essentially TF, but in a medieval/fantasy realm and specifically designed for QW. This version is a bit buggy and unbalanced. If you're going to play on STC servers (hint: there are none) you need the cl package only. If you wish to run a server, you also need the sv package.

Star Wars Dogfighter started as an attempt to make a simple, fun multiplayer version of 'Roids originally entitled Roids Arena. Where in players would fly thier ships around a giant arena and blast eachother. Initially, there would be three ships to choose from: heavy assualt, the classic ship and a light fighter, all were models taken from Qtank :(

Over time I reluctanty, and only at the urging of several people I knew added "Star Wars mode" that replaced the ships with Star Wars counterparts (initially just X-Ying or TIE). I made the promise that if enough models could be made or converted for all kinds of Star Wars ships the entire mod would go Star Wars. That eventually did happen.

A lot of the original Roids Arena concept remains: the power control system that confuses so many people is one such element. Also, the ships are still defined in classes for each side, but this was done more to make balanced gameplay than anything else.

Getting good gameplay for this mod was one of the hardest things to do - the rules just seemed to make the action "flying around in circles in the void of space, fighting your turn speed so you can shoot the other guy". I worked hard to make the gameplay varied and different by including homing weapons and ground vehicles, but the only (slightly) original concept never made it into what was released: BaseWars.

BaseWars would be a mode where the mapper would define a bunch of vehicles on the map. My test map for example, which was not included, was a snowwy terrain with several AT-ST walkers at one end, a hanger at about the middle with a few Y-Wings and a large Rebel shield generator at the other (made from map brushes).

The Imperials could select the AT-ST and that AT-ST would become theirs. If shot or killed, the could reselect another AT-ST until all were either used or destroyed. The game ended when either all the Y-Wing bombers, the shield generator or all the AT-STs were killed.

Again, the "Alpha" that was released DOES NOT include the mode, sadly it doesn't even include the proper, functioning version of the tutorial map that was intended to teach you the sometimes rather confusing concepts of the game. There is still fun to be had however, as you can play deathmatch with literally hundereds of bots - creating a massive and chaotic space battle.

A custom engine written by Tomaz is included. that makes it all possible (and beautiful!). The following link will take you to Tei's Wiki entry for the mod (which contains a link to the download folder, http://www.inside3d.com/frikbot/swd/). This wiki entry is extremely useful, as it gives additional information on how to play.

This is a recreation of the game Tetris done with centerprint (the function normally used for messages such as "3 more to go.."), a modified font, and some crazy ass QuakeC. The initial version of this mod was coded in around 3 hours on the night of 2/22/2004 in the midst of an IRC discussion about text mode Quake modding.

I originally got the inspiration to do this when viewing Frog's "pong demo", a translation of the game pong done in centerprint. I recognized immediately that something like tetris, which is designed for a grid, would be much better.