Thunder Grenades
Created By: Dr DooMer
Difficulty Scale: Easy

The grenade launcher may not be your favorite weapon right now, and after completing this tutorial it still might not be. But anyway, I'll show you how to make a nice effect that utilises the power of the temporary entities! So, open up weapons.qc and proceed to:


Scroll down about half way until you find W_FireGrenade. Search for it's "missile.nextthink" line and change it to:

	missile.nextthink = time + 0.1;
And change it's "missile.think" line into:

	missile.think = GrenadeZap;
Now, all we have done here is to tell the grenade that it should next think in 0.1 seconds time, and when it does think, to call the function GrenadeZap.


Now scroll up a bit and add this function just above W_FireGrenade:

void() GrenadeZap =
	local vector	org;

	self.count = self.count + 1;	// This bit is here to count
	if (self.count > 40)		// how long the grenade
	{				// has been lingering.
		GrenadeExplode();	// After forty 1/10 second
		return;			// counts, the grenade
	}				// just goes boom normally

	sound (self.owner, CHAN_VOICE, "weapons/lhit.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM);
	self.nextthink = time + 0.1;
	self.think = GrenadeZap;		// Repeat the function

	org = self.origin + '0 0 3';
	traceline (org, self.owner.origin + '0 0 10', TRUE, self);

	WriteEntity (MSG_BROADCAST, self);
	WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, org_x);
	WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, org_y);
	WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, org_z);
	WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, trace_endpos_x);
	WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, trace_endpos_y);
	WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, trace_endpos_z);
// Now, all this complicated bit of code does is draw
// a beam of lightning from one place to another

	LightningDamage (org, trace_endpos + v_forward*5, self.owner, 15);
// This is standard lightning gun code, and 15 the the amount of damage done.
Well, that's it! If you've done all that right, compile, run, and have fun! Try shooting grenades over a monster, and if you feel especially nasty, up the damage!