Created By: [SL1CK]-=MERL1N=-
Difficulty Scale: Easy

Step 1
You will have noticed in Quake 2 that when monsters are half dead they have gunshot wounds etc on them. This rocks so here's how to do it in Quake 1 :) It isnt perfect, but U get the idea :)

Step 2
The first thing is for you to open up the grunt model (soldier.mdl) and make a new skin with all blood n stuff on it, its up to you how good ya do it :)

Then open up soldier.qc and go down to

Void(entity attacker, float damage) army_pain =

Step 3

Now what we want is if the grunts health drops below a certain level the other skin will be there so that he will look like he has been shot/cut/chopped etc. All we really have to decide is that level. I will make the number 20 and the grunts all-over health 50. Because if the value was say 5, if you killed him and his health didn't get there it wont come up :)

So where it says :

if (r < 0.2)


if ( < 20) // if helath under 20 - added

{ // - added = 1; // make the skin "1" - added

} // - added

self.pain_finished = time + 0.6;

army_pain1 ();

sound (self, CHAN_VOICE, "soldier/pain1.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM);


Step 4

Now that that's there go down to where it says :

void() monster_army =

and change the = 30; to = 50;

and just above that add in = 0;

 Step 5

And that's it, well hopefully :) It worked for me :) just compile and run.

Now you can go round all the other baddies and do the same, you can ever have different layers of degeneration :)

Tutorial html coding by Achilles.