Inside3D tutorials.
Created By: Ivana Gibson
Difficulty Scale: Easy

Hey, a cool qc tut to teach one to make gibs kickable. It's pretty much a novelty patch.

I ask only one condition: anything that goes wrong is not my fault (as if this could hurt anything). Use this and distribute this file as much as you want. Don't worry about giving credit (Ivana Gibson is my Quake alias anyway).

By the way: If you know enough qc, you can define a variable to turn on and of the kicking of gibs. Simpily add an impulse in weapons.qc to toggle that variable from TRUE/FALSE and test it in the begining of kick_touch() to exit the routine depending that variable.

Step 1
1) Open player.qc.
2) Find the function ThrowHead()
3) Replace this:

self.solid = SOLID_NOT;

self.solid = SOLID_TRIGGER;
self.touch = kick_touch;
4) Find the function ThrowGib()
5) Replace:

new.solid = SOLID_NOT;

new.solid = SOLID_TRIGGER;   // Set it up for a trigger event
new.touch = kick_touch;      // Call kick_touch when touched
6) Open up world.qc
7) Find the line (188) that says:

// sounds used from C physics code
8) Below it, add:

precache_sound ("zombie/z_miss.wav");
precache_sound ("zombie/z_hit.wav");
9) Now, find the fuction CopyToBodyQue().
10) At the beginning of the function, add this:

bodyque_head.touch = ent.touch;
bodyque_head.solid = ent.solid;
11)Open up progs.src
12) Add this line just before player.qc:

13) Create a new file. Call it KickGibs.qc
14) Put the following text into it:

//Kicking Gibs n Dead Heads by Ivana Gibson

void() kick_touch;

void() kick_touch = 
	local vector v;

	// only a player can kick it
	if (other.classname != "player")

	//randomize sound
	if (random()< 0.8)
		sound(other, CHAN_ITEM, "zombie/z_hit.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM);
		sound(other, CHAN_ITEM, "zombie/z_miss.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM);

	//define velocity 
	//you can play with these formulas to adjust
	v_x = (other.velocity_x*2+50*random());
	v_y = (other.velocity_y*2+50*random());
	v_z =250 + 160 * random()+(other.velocity_y+other.velocity_x)*0.30;

	self.flags = self.flags - ( self.flags & FL_ONGROUND );
	self.velocity = v;
15) Save everything, compile, and have fun kicking heads and gibs!