Inside3D tutorials.
Created By: James "Drywall" Layman
Difficulty Scale: Easy

Step 1
Well, this is a fairly simple lesson which changes the grenade launcher into a flare launcher, which is very useful for lighting up those dark rooms. After a variable amount of time, it will blow up and the light will be gone again.

Step 2
Now open up weapons.qc and scroll down to the line where you see:
void() GrenadeExplode =
        T_RadiusDamage (self, self.owner, 120, world)     //Change to "0"
Now, since we don't want the flare to do any damage, change the blue part, to "0"

Step 3
Now, find the "void W_FireGrenade" part in weapons.qc. Since this isn't a grenade anymore, we have to add a light function. The added part is in blue.
missile.classname = "grenade";
missile.effects = missile.effects | EF_BRIGHTLIGHT;      //Add this line
Now when the grenade shoots out, the bright light effects will be applied to it. EF_DIMLIGHT can be used as well.

Step 4
Now for the final edit, you probably don't want the flare to stay for the default of 2.5 seconds, so you might wanna change that. :) So scroll further in W_FireGrenade, until you see:
missile.nextthink = time + 2.5;   //Change to as long as you want the grenade to light
Now, change the blue part, to how many seconds you want the flare to light up. 15 is a good number here.

Step 5
And that's all folks, just compile and run. Select the Granade launcher and fire it, to launch a flare.