Inside3D tutorials.
Created By: MaNiAc
Difficulty Scale: Easy

Step 1
This tutorial shows you how to make it so you can kill the zombies that just hang on the walls in the start map. Exciting!

Uh, ok let's get started. Open the file "zombie.qc" and go to line 470 which should read:

void() monster_zombie =

Step 2
Scroll down until you see the following lines(they should start on line 508):
        if (self.spawnflags & SPAWN_CRUCIFIED)
                self.movetype = MOVETYPE_NONE;
                zombie_cruc1 ();

Step 3
Change the above lines to:
        if (self.spawnflags & SPAWN_CRUCIFIED)
                self.takedamage = TRUE;        //ADDED THIS!!!
                self.inpain = 2;               //ADDED THIS!!!
                self.movetype = MOVETYPE_NONE;
                zombie_cruc1 ();

Step 4
Note: Right now, if you want to, you can compile it and it will work, but zombies will only die(gib) if they are hit with 60 pts. of damage in a "single frame"(a very short amount of time) ie. They would have to be hit the grenade/rocket laucher or you would have to have quad damage. Sooooooooo, if you want them to be killable with every weapon (poor zombies), you should proceed to (guess what?) STEP 5!

Step 5
Find line 415 near the top of "zombie.qc". This line should read:

void(entity attacker, float take) zombie_pain =

Step 6
Next, proceed to line 419 which should read: = 60; // allways reset health

Step 7
Add this line "if (!self.spawnflags & SPAWN_CRUCIFIED)" above the line I mentioned in Step 7. Now this part of the code should look like the following:

        if (!self.spawnflags & SPAWN_CRUCIFIED) //Only reset health if its not crucified
       = 60;               // always reset health

Step 8
Well, now its done. Compile it and yer ready! One last note: You may not have noticed one other change between the code in Steps 6 and 7. I corrected id's spelling error! Those irresponsible people spelled "always" wrong!:) Well, besides that, you should be ready to enjoy hours of "zombie blastin'" fun!