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Created By: MaNiAc
Difficulty Scale Easy
Step 1
Alright then. In this Mini-RIP, you will learn how to make the reaperbots be bounced around, by a well-placed rocket. It's pretty easy stuff.. no.. very easy stuff. all you need is a compileable Reaper source (from RIP1), so here we go!
There is a section of T_Damage in combat.qc that reads:
if ( (inflictor != world) && (targ.movetype ==MOVETYPE_WALK) )
dir = targ.origin - (inflictor.absmin + inflictor.absmax) * 0.5;
dir = normalize(dir);
targ.velocity = targ.velocity + dir*damage*8;
Change the first line to..
if ((inflictor != world) && ((targ.classname == "player") || (targ.classname == "dmbot")))
It simply can't get much easier than this..

Reaperbot (c) 1996 by Steven Polge
Norse_movetogoal (c) 1997 by Roscoe A. Sincero
QCBot Ranking (c) 1997 by Alan Kivlin