Inside3D tutorials.
Created By: Roscoe A. Sincero
Difficulty Scale: Hard

Reaperbot Improvement Protocol v0.11 (RIP v0.11)
by legion, the ubiquitous llama-killer



This tutorial is broken up into several parts. Each week a new part of the lesson will be posted. Visit Inside3D or Scrap Heap for your weekly reaperbot fix. If you want the entire lesson, you can ask Mr? of Inside3D for a copy of the text file called rip010.txt. It is an earlier version of the tutorial. It is not jammed packed with information like this new version but it contains most of the steps involved in the lesson. Rip010 is not for the novice. In addition, it doesn't contain any instructions on merging the reaperbot with v1.06 of QuakeC. Older versions of QuakeC contain the infamous disappearing weapons bug.
If you are a newbie, then the only information and help you will get is the weekly reaperbot lesson. No additional help will be provided with rip010.txt or with anything else.
The urls for Inside3D and Scrap Heap are the following:

1) (Inside3D)
2) (Scrap Heap)

Mirror site at Scrap Heap is in the works. Decision is not finalized yet.
Dark_Skye is on "vacation" trying to frag people and show that keyboarders
can be good at Quake.

The parts in the lesson are as follows:

1) rip011a.txt (this text, making a compilable reaperbot source code)
2) rip011b.txt (compiling the reaperbot with v1.06 of QuakeC)
-- this lesson is currently NOT complete and it is not part of
v0.10 of RIP. In fact, I haven't started on it, yet. It looks like
this will be a long one. Hopefully, there are no delays
. -- this will increase the size of progs.dat substantially.
-- if you can complete this, then the rest of the lessons should
be very easy for you.
3) rip011c.txt (reducing the thud sounds)
4) rip011d.txt (modifying norse_movetogoal function)
5) rip011e.txt (adding norse_movetogoal function to the reaper)
6) rip011f.txt (reducing splash sounds and adding misc things)
7) rip011g.txt (adding bot to TAB scoring rankings)

Remember, the full lesson is contained in rip010.txt. Get a copy of this text from Mr? of Inside3D if you don't want to wait seven weeks to learn everything. And remember, the only help you will get is from the weekly reaperbot lesson. So don't bother wasting bandwidth by sending e-mail asking for help. There's ONE exception, however. If enough people have difficulty with the SAME problem, then I MAY give Dark_Skye some 'news' to post that may help people solve the problem. Five or six people with the same problem is not alot and therefore, not enough. Moreover, the problem, MUST have something to do with that week's or some previous week's lesson. Any other problem will be ignored. If enough people have the same problem, visit Scrap Heap for the solution. I won't respond to e-mails individually. Don't expect solutions overnight and if you don't see a solution, chances are not enough people had the same problem.

The length of the texts is due to the fact that these are TUTORIALS as well as a how-to guide. These are more than just texts that tell you to do this and then do that. These contain explanations. It is hoped that you will remember them. You will need the information you learned from earlier parts for the later parts.

RIP v0.12 will contain all the corrections, if any, that people e-mailed me.
So e-mail me any mistakes that you find to I will
place these corrections on my webpage when I'm finished (hopefully).

Reaperbot (c) 1996 by Steven Polge
Norse_movetogoal (c) 1997 by Roscoe A. Sincero
QCBot Ranking (c) 1997 by Alan Kivlin


This is apparently the first attempt in improving the reaperbot since December 1996. I have seen several people asking questions publically concerning the issue of making a compilable reaperbot source. Other than people misleading others (I hope it wasn't deliberate), I have not seen one individual actually provide concrete information on HOW to do this. Additionally, publically available patches have been made that includes the reaperbot. Besides Decker's merger of the reaperbot with the Scourge of Armagon and PainKeep partial conversions, there is another compilation patch that can be downloaded from CDROM.COM. The full url is Like PK, this compilation contains new weapons and other good stuff. Apparently, Decker can get a lot of publicity for merging the Reaperbot with PainKeep (his work with SoA went virtually un-noticed for awhile until it was known that he had merged the reaperbot with PainKeep), maybe this compilation will finally get its due. It has been available for downloading since June 19, 1997.

On June 21, 1997, Ken Alverson posted his version of the reaperbot source code in the newsgroup for 'educational purposes'. Despite all this attention given to the reaperbot, no complaints have been made by either Steven Polge or the people at Unreal. E-mails to Polge have been ignored. I know that I received no response from my e-mail to him asking if I can merge my norse_movetogoal function with the reaperbot.

It is hoped that this how-to guide, this tutorial will help you in making YOUR copy of the reaperbot a better one. The emphasis here is on the word 'YOUR'.

For the record Steven Polge, who works for Unreal, is the author and creator of the Reaperbot. Steven Polge owns the copyrights to the reaperbot. Neither Unreal nor Epic owns the copyrights to the reaperbot. This is the reason for Epic/Unreal not complaining. iD Software also owns the copyrights to the reaperbot patch for the very fact that part of the code used by the reaperbot came from iD (the makers of Quake).


Copyright laws forbid individuals and groups from releasing their modified reaperbot source code or progs.dat. Additionally, you can not use a modified reaperbot on a public server. However, I am unaware of any law(s) that forbids individuals from modifying their own personal copy of the reaperbot patch and using it for their own personal use. As long as you don't release it or make it publically available, you are in the clear. Moreover, I am unaware of any laws forbidding individuals or groups from providing information on how to modify existing copyrighted material to help those like you in making a better material (in this case, a better reaperbot).

If you did not read the reaperbot copyrights, you should read it now. Polge states that his modifications can NOT be used as a basis for other patches and/or modifications. This is the reason for not releasing my modified reaperbot progs.dat. Don't bother to ask, you won't get it. You won't get the modified source code either. Any and all e-mails on this issue will go unanswered. You will have to do all the work yourself.

I am assuming that you are NOT allowed to release an unmodified reaperbot source code, either.

Reaperbot © 1996 by Steven Polge -- individuals are not allowed to use his code in publically available or commercially available mods

Norse_movetogoal © 1997 by Roscoe A. Sincero -- individuals are free to include this code to your patches provided that Roscoe A. Sincero is credited for this code

QCBot Ranking © 1997 by Alan Kivlin -- individuals are free to include this code to your patches provided that Alan Kivlin is credited for this code