Inside3D tutorials.
Created By: Wampey
Difficulty Scale: Easy

here is a tutoral for you that makes it so when you have over 50 cells you can put in a impulse command in the consule and you get quad damage, but you loose 50 cells when you do it.

Step 1
Make a new document called quad.qc

Step 2
Open the quad.qc and put these following lines in it:

void() CheckQuad =
        if (self.ammo_cells >= 50) \\Saying if you have over 50 cells you can
activate quad damage.
                self.ammo_cells = self.ammo_cells - 50; \\ -50 means: 50 cells will be
taken away from you.
                self.super_time = 1;    
                self.super_damage_finished = time + 30; \\time + 30 means: that you will
have quad damage for 30 secs
                self.items = self.items | IT_QUAD; \\ tells what item to use
        else return; \\ if you dont have the 50 cells you cant do it

Step 3
Open the weapons.qc:

void() SuperDamageSound;
void() CheckQuad; \\ Put this line in.

Now go down to the impulse commands and add these following commands:

if (self.impulse == 50) \\ So if you have the 50 cells now you put impulse 50 in the "~" quad damage is activated
        CheckQuad ();

Step 4
Open progs.src:

quad.qc          \\Put this above the weapons.qc 

Step 5
That's it! Compile it, and Enjoy!