Jump pad Tutorial
Created By: Soul Keeper
eMail: errorabove@hotmail.com
Difficulty Scale: Easy

This tutorial will show you how to make the a Targetting System which will really make the target easier to see in the dark. The code will search within a range that varies according to the players health for an entity that can take damage and is visible.

* I wrote this code in about 2 minutes including test time
* I'm not responsible for any trouble this may cause you

Step 1:
First, we need to make the damn function. So, open your weapons.qc and find the function W_WeaponFrame ();. Now above that function add this one. This is our new and improved Target System...... yeah right!!!

void() target_system =
	local float mega;  // variable to see how far to find enemies
	if (self.health >= 100)  // Used to set how far to find enemies
		mega = 600;
	else if (self.health >= 90)
		mega = 500;
	else if (self.health >= 80)
		mega = 400;
	else if (self.health >= 70)
		mega = 300;
	else if (self.health >= 60)
		mega = 200;
		mega = 100;
	local entity en1;
	en1 = findradius (self.origin, mega);  // find you some enemies
	while (en1)
		if ((en1.takedamage == DAMAGE_AIM && en1 != self) && visible(en1))
			particle (en1.origin, '0 0 20', 244, 20);  // make my beautiful effects
			centerprint (self, "Enemy Target");  //  reports any enemies found
		en1 = en1.chain;  // do over and find another
Step 2:
Now you actually need to look into the function W_WeaponFrame ();, and right after that first bracket you need to add the following.

	target_system ();
Step 3:
Now you can compile my wonderful code and play with the cool gadgets. That's about it for right now. I'll give you some more tutorials later. Well.... c'ya!!!