Created By: [SL1CK]-=MERL1N=-
Difficulty Scale: Very Easy

Step 1
O.K. all you disco space monkeys, you wanna make rainbow blood when U shoot a monster eh? A person too? Ok...

First thing is open up "weapons.qc" and scroll down a little way in until you find the function

void(vector org, vector vel, float damage) SpawnBlood =

(its before the shotgun etc)

Step 2
Now it says

Particle (org, vel*0.1, 73, damage*2);

which is (a particle, origin, velocity, color, ?)

the color is currently 73, which is red. What we want is a random color, so instead of 73 put in...


which will select a color for us a random...


Step 3

Now that will give us a color of random blood, we want rainbow, so copy that line and paste it underneath 3 or 4 times :) (you can change the numbers of damage*? And vel*0.? If you want to, for example...

Void(vector org, vector vel, float damage) SpawnBlood =


particle (org, vel*0.1, (random()*256), damage*2);

particle (org, vel*0.1, (random()*256), damage*3);

particle (org, vel*0.1, (random()*256), damage*4);

particle (org, vel*0.1, (random()*256), damage*5);

particle (org, vel*0.1, (random()*256), damage*3);


Step 4

And that's it ! Whenever you shoot a monster or a person they will bleed out groovy rainbow blood :)

Tutorial html coding by Achilles.