Created By: Wampey
Difficulty Scale: Easy

This tut will teach you how to make something like Militia Quake.
So, lets get Started.

Step 1

first open up your defs.qc and at the bottom add:
	.float ammo_money; //defines ammo_money

then make a new .qc file and call it buyrocket.qc
in that add:
void() BuyRocket = //declaring the void function
	if (self.ammo_money >= 90) //declaring how much ammo_money you need to have
		self.ammo_money = self.ammo_money - 90; /declaring how much ammo_money it costs
            self.items = self.items | //gives you a new item
		   IT_ROCKET_LAUNCHER; //which is the rocket launcher
		sprint (self, "You bought the rocket launcher\n"); //states on your screen that you bought the rl
		self.ammo_rockets = self.ammo_rockets+ 5; // how much ammo comes with it
save that as buyrocket.qc

open up your progs.src and add:

buyrocket.qc //add this

now open up your weapons.qc and add:
void() BuyRocket;
void() SuperDamageSound;
then at the impulse command part add:
if (self.impulse == 20)
	BuyRocket ();
save that.

now open your item.qc and scroll down to weapon_touch and then goto 
if (self.classname == "weapon_nailgun") and replace all of the nailgun stuff with this:
if (self.classname == "weapon_nailgun")
	other.ammo_money = other.ammo_money + 30; //now when you get to the 

then if you you downloaded the money.mdl (link to and would like to use that to replace you nailgun spinning 
model scroll down until you get to void() weapon_nailgun = and replace all of it with this:
void() weapon_nailgun =
	precache_model ("progs/money.mdl");
	setmodel (self, "progs/money.mdl");
	self.weapon = IT_NAILGUN;
	self.netname = "nailgun";
	self.touch = weapon_touch;
	setsize (self, '-16 -16 0', '16 16 56');
	StartItem ();
then save it and close it.
to be able to see how much money have go to step 2 or skip that and compile it.

Step 2

Now open your weapon.qc and scroll down to ServerflagsCommand and add these next lines 
under the quadcheat stuff.
void() MoneyAmount = //declares moneyamount
	local string s; //does something
	sprint (self, "You have "); //prints you have
	s = ftos (self.ammo_money); //pretty much binds the letter s in this moneyamount stuff to show money amount
	sprint (self,s); //tells it to say the money amount
	sprint (self, " dollars\n"); //says dollars
dont worry it will come out on the top lefthand side saying you have *** dollars (*** meaning money you have)

then goto impulse commands and add this at the bottom
if (self.impulse == 15)
   	MoneyAmount ();

that is all you have to do
send feedback and maybe you will get some more addon stuff to this

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