Created By: Freeza of The Alien Abducters Clan
Difficulty Scale: Easy

So, after you've done all the weapons tutorials in inside 3d, and youve set it so when you press 2(or whatever) twice, you get your sniper rifle/pipe bombs/ flame thrower,(or whatever).And your getting bored of using existing models for your new arsenal, Well then heres the easy remedy for your blues, add new models!

Step 1
Open up weapons.qc and scroll down to the list of precache 's: (Add the line with blue color)
precache_sound ("weapons/r_exp3.wav");  // new rocket explosion
        precache_sound ("weapons/rocket1i.wav");        // spike gun
        precache_sound ("weapons/sgun1.wav");
        precache_sound ("weapons/guncock.wav"); // player shotgun
        precache_sound ("weapons/ric1.wav");    // ricochet (used in c code)
        precache_sound ("weapons/ric2.wav");    // ricochet (used in c code)
        precache_sound ("weapons/ric3.wav");    // ricochet (used in c code)
        precache_sound ("weapons/spike2.wav");  // super spikes
        precache_sound ("weapons/tink1.wav");   // spikes tink (used in c code)
        precache_sound ("weapons/grenade.wav"); // grenade launcher
        precache_sound ("weapons/bounce.wav");          // grenade bounce
        precache_sound ("weapons/shotgn2.wav"); // super shotgun
        precache_model ("gun_name.mdl"); //change gun_name to the name of the .mdl

Step 2
Now, scroll down to player weapon use, and find the code for your weapon(this is mine, yours my differ)
else if (self.weapon == IT_MACHINE) //Change shotgun to sniper
                               self.currentammo = self.ammo_shells;
                               if (self.aflag != TRUE)
                                      self.weaponmodel = "machine.mdl";//change to your mdl name

Step 3
And thats it! Just make sure the mdl. file is the same directory as your mod, and compile it! Pretty easy! there is a anouther way to do this, which uses the same steps as above, but it involes making a new .qc file, and copying all the code need to make your weapon work, and move it to there, nad make the same changes as above, but this is quite easyer, IMHO. HAPPY CODING