Inside3D tutorials.
Created By: DarkSide (and me.. a little)
Difficulty Scale: Easy

Step 1
Uhh.. I just want to warn you every one, that this tutorial kinda sucks, since i only got the code sent WITHOUT the changes commented. Sorry about this. O'well.. read on if you want to create an Auto-Aiming thunder Bolt!

Step 2
Ok, now open up the weapons.qc file, and scroll down to the W_FireLightning section. delete *all* of it, and replace it with the code shown below? How much easier can it get?
void() W_FireLightning =
        local   vector          org;
    local   float       cells,damage=0;
    local   entity      head;

        self.punchangle_x = -2;
        self.currentammo = self.ammo_cells = self.ammo_cells - 1;
        org = self.origin + '0 0 16';

    if (self.ammo_cells < 1)  // Change to other weapon if not enough cells
                self.weapon = W_BestWeapon ();
                W_SetCurrentAmmo ();
    if (self.waterlevel > 1)  // explode in water
                cells = self.ammo_cells;
                self.ammo_cells = 0;
                W_SetCurrentAmmo ();
                T_RadiusDamage (self, self, 35*cells, world);

    head = findradius(self.origin, 250);  // finds all entitys within 250 (2.5 meters?)
        while (head)
        if (head.takedamage)
            if(head != self)  // if the entity (head) is you (self), skip
                WriteByte (MSG_BROADCAST, SVC_TEMPENTITY);
                WriteByte (MSG_BROADCAST, TE_LIGHTNING2);
                WriteEntity (MSG_BROADCAST, head);  // Start position for lightning
                WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, org_x);  // Your position
                WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, org_y);
                WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, org_z);
                WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, head.origin_x);  // entity's position
                WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, head.origin_y);
                WriteCoord (MSG_BROADCAST, head.origin_z);
                sound (head, CHAN_WEAPON, "weapons/lhit.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM);
                damage = 40 + random()*20;
                T_Damage (head, self, self.owner, damage);
        head = head.chain;  // cycle to next head (entity)

Step 3
And that's it... Compile it, and load it up the usual way. Now, try loading up e1m1 in skill 3. go the the "slime bridge" or whatever i should call them, and take 'em all out in one shot! Cool, eh?