Inside3D tutorials.
Created By: Timm 'Mr?' Stokke
Difficulty Scale: Easy

Step 1
This mod is done in the file called client.qc, so just open that one right away. What we're gonna do, is to change the messages which comes up on the screen every time you've been killed by a monster. Scroll almost down to the end, where all the deathmessages are, for both Monsters, suicides, and deathmatch games. The monster messages are what we're gonna edit, so just find the text looking like the one in step 2.

Step 2
It is now time to edit you own deathmessages. I guess you can do that by your own, so I won't get into details.

if (attacker.flags & FL_MONSTER)
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_army")
		bprint (" was shot by a Grunt\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_demon1")
		bprint (" was eviscerated by a Fiend\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_dog")
		bprint (" was mauled by a Rottweiler\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_dragon")
		bprint (" was fried by a Dragon\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_enforcer")
		bprint (" was blasted by an Enforcer\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_fish")
		bprint (" was fed to the Rotfish\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_hell_knight")
		bprint (" was slain by a Death Knight\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_knight")
		bprint (" was slashed by a Knight\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_ogre")
		bprint (" was destroyed by an Ogre\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_oldone")
		bprint (" became one with Shub-Niggurath\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_shalrath")
		bprint (" was exploded by a Vore\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_shambler")
		bprint (" was smashed by a Shambler\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_tarbaby")
		bprint (" was slimed by a Spawn\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_vomit")
		bprint (" was vomited on by a Vomitus\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_wizard")
		bprint (" was scragged by a Scrag\n");
	if (attacker.classname == "monster_zombie")
		bprint (" joins the Zombies\n");

Step 3
And that's it! Compile it, and load it up the usual way. Then just go and.. ehhhh.. Get Killed!