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    Here's any tuts that I or someone else has made for this page. Anything doing with 3d coding can go under here. If you want to write one, make sure it is 3d coding or anything to get a framework to do 3d coding. Tuts on opening windows in Windows or X11; using OpenGL, D3D, Glide, or any other 3d api; writting a 3d software renderer; the math behind 3d; event pipelining; networking; optimizing; or anything else could possible go here. Making a 3d engine is going to span nearly every reach of programming known.

    Send any tuts you have to this address: kilbert@inside3d.com in text format. I'll htmlify it and get it up here as soon as I can. I may try to find a better way than this to do it. May do it through FTP in the future.

      Current Tutorials
    I haven't put any tuts up yet. Give me a week or so and I'll try to write one up.
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