Created By: Hector Ramos
Difficulty Scale: Easy

Amputation Patch: Force PullHere is an easy way of making the Force Pull power rip off any of yourenemies's limbs. There are various patches out on the 'net, but surely youwould like to know how are they done.
Step 1 

It's pretty easy. Open your favoriteGOB editor (ConMan's my fav) and open the res2.gob file in your ResourceDirectory. Extract force_pull.cog in the cog subdirectory. Close your GOBeditor and open up force_pull.cog on any text editor. Scroll down to thedeactivated: section. Scroll down a little and find this function: 

// Make victim drop powerup.        throwThing = SkillTarget(victim, player, 24, 0);        if(throwThing != -1)        {        SetActorWeapon(victim, 1, -1);        AmputateJoint(victim, 3);        }
Now you just can add "AmputateJoint(victim, #);" after the line that read AmputateJoint(victim, 3);". The # represents the number of the section (joint) of the enemies's body that will be chopped off. Most enemies have from 10 to 20 sections, so I recommend using a number lower than 10 to prevent JK from crashing when you try to amputate Joint 16 of an enemy with only 10 Joints. I have found that for all enemies, number 1 is Head, 3 is Enemies's Weapon, 4 is Left Arm, 5 is Right Arm, etc... After selecting a Joint #, save the cog file and make a new GOB with the file in it and place it in a subdirectory for Jedi Knight called /Amputation. Then when you run JK add this to the command line:-path amputationThats all, and happy amputating. Look for my next tutorial teaching how to amputate other joints than the arm with the saber and how to make saber amputation more frequent.My name is Hector Ramos. Contact me at or
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