C/C++ compilers | compiles both C and C++ code
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This is a list of the Win32 C/C++ compilers that I am aware of.  Here you will find a tidbit of info on each and links to their homepages.   You will also find a tutorial for each (eventually) which shows how to compile the basicdll/dlluser example programs using that specific compiler.  If you have info on other Win32 C/C++ compilers, or own one of the compilers that has no tutorial yet, please contact me.

All of the prices here are according to the Programmer's Paradise catalogue.  I get it in the mail and it's the easiest way for me to look up prices :)  Your best bet is to go to a computer store and buy the competitive upgrade version, which is much cheaper than the full version.

icon_sales.gif (606 bytes) Borland C++ 5.02 Price: $339 full, $99 upgrade   basicdll tutorial
icon_sales.gif (606 bytes) Borland C++ Builder Price: $99 standard   basicdll tutorial
icon_sales.gif (606 bytes) Metrowerks CodeWarrior Price: $390 full, $114 student   basicdll tutorial
icon_sales.gif (606 bytes) Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Price: $235 upgrade, $100 learning   basicdll tutorial
icon_hands.GIF (184 bytes) Mingw32 Price: FREE   basicdll tutorial
icon_sales.gif (606 bytes) Watcom C/C++ 11.0 Price: $189   basicdll tutorial