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New Tutorials | Tutorials recently added to Inside3D

Team Radio - Allow players to use Team Radio sounds to communicate during the game.

Personal Teleporter - A usefull tool that can help keep you alive.

Weapon Tutorials | Want more fire power? You got it!

Autoaiming Blasters - Besides using a new think function, it also introduces you to findradius function and many others

Double Grenades - Make your grenade launcher throw 2 grenades and give them a little delay

Double Rockets - Make your rockets split with this tut!

New Weapons - Learn how to add a new weapon to Quake2.

Pipe Bombs - Create a pipe bomb and create a new console command for the pipe bombs.

Rocket Trails - Shows you how to change the particle trial of a rocket and how to change other particle trails.

Triple Rockets - Shows you how to use a new think function

Wacky Weapons - Introduces you to the itemlist and structures.

Miscellaneous Tutorials | Variety is the spice of life!

Compass and Speedometer - A tutorial on adding a new console command as well as getting acquainted in reading pmove.

DM Mods - Learn how to make your mods DM-only by removing the un-needed source files.

New Entitys - Learn how to create new entitys to go with your maps.

OpenGL Fog - Learn how to add fog to your levels.

Personal Teleporter - A usefull tool that can help keep you alive.

Quake II Ini - Tutorial on using INI files to modify game characteristics (like changing the weapon balance) without having to recompile the *.dll.

Shell Effects - Learn how to add a colored shell to any items.

Teleport and weapons drop mod - Learn add a teleport device to your DM.

Teleporters - Learn how to deal with 'ugly' teleporters.

Timed Blasters - Whenever you shoot your blaster the time displays. Strange, yes, but useful for looooong days of quaking :)

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