Map Waypoint Notes
Bsp Name Map Name Author Way Name Author Details
dm1 The Place of Two Deaths Tim Willits dm1.zip Gilgamesh
dm2 Claustrophobopolis American McGee dm2.zip Gilgamesh
dm3 The Abandoned Base John Romero dm3.zip Gilgamesh
dm4 The Bad Place American McGee dm4.zip Gilgamesh
dm5 The Cistern Tim Willits dm5.zip Gilgamesh
dm6 The Dark Zone Tim Willits dm6.zip Raymond
e1m1 Slipgate Complex John Romero e1m1.zip Gilgamesh
e1m2 Castle of the Damned Tim Willits e1m2.zip Plumb
e1m3 The Necropolis Tim Willits e1m3.zip Plumb
e1m4 The Grisly Grotto Tim Willits e1m4.zip Plumb
e1m5 Goom Keep Tim Willits e1m5.zip Plumb
e2m1 The Installation John Romero e2m1.zip Plumb
e2m3 Crypt of Decay John Romero e2m3.zip Raymond
e3m6 Chambers of Torment American McGee Unknown e3m6.zip Frika C
e4m6 The Pain Maze Sandy Petersen e4m6.zip Raymond Martineau
e4m8 The Nameless City Sandy Petersen e4m8.zip Raymond Martineau
end Shub-Niggurath's Pit John Romero end.zip Akuma
start Introduction John Romero Unknown start.zip Gilgamesh