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Welcome to FrikBot X's home on the web. FrikBot is a bot for id's classic game Quake. It plays as close to a real client as I could make it, and to that end, it interfaces with the mod code as a real client would. This is where FrikBot's uniqueness lies, unlike any other Quake bot, it remains seperate from the mod and can be plugged into existing mod code with incredible ease. After some tweaks to the bot's AI, a bot can play virtually any Quake mod out there.

FrikBot X represents the 10th installment of this bot. With this possibly final version, FrikBot has been redesigned to be appealing to mod makers and casual players alike. Comprehensive documentation is included with the bot, covering all aspects of it's operation. Full source to the bot has also been included and is released into the public domain, which means the bot can be used for whatever project license and royalty free.

FrikBot X 0.10.2 (Revision B)
Qexpo.com Mirror

This is an updated version of FBX (over what was released at qexpo). The built in waypoints have been tweaked some, and a slew of bug fixes appear throughout the code. Unlike the version released at the expo, this version is NOT distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. FBX is now public domain.

FBX Readme

Here's the documention to the above version, available for online viewing.

FrikaC's Project Whorehouse

The above link will take you to my other projects website (Quake mods, FrikQCC - my QuakeC compiler). I recommend you stop by once in a while if you're a QuakeC enthusiast such as myself.